1. This massive iguana who responds to you calling him and loves head rubs.

"Who's a good iguana? Who's a good iguana?"


2. This duck-billed platypus that needs his daily belly rubs.


3. This otter who knows how to play dead.

"Whoops! I'm still in character! I'm still in character!"


4. This armadillo who is obsessed with his squeaky toy.


5. This baby elephant who loves his ball.


6. The baby lion cub who just wants to be one of the dogs.


7. This cow who loves a good neck scratch.


8. This fox who is all about the tail wagging life.


9. This turtle who prefers European football.


10. This seal who got his scratching lessons from a doggy.


11. This bunny who is pretty much a sheep dog.


12. This cat who plays fetch and lolls his tongue.


13. This bird who is trying to speak dog.


14. These baby foxes that found a ball and went into full puppy mode.


15. This baby deer who loves belly rubs and freaks out when you try to deny him his joy.