When you're laying on your couch, exploring the depths of the Internet and half-heartedly watching Netflix, chances are that you will find yourself feeling incredibly inadequate thanks to the countless stories of people who are accomplishing so much with their lives. 

Well, if that weren't enough, there is now an incredibly talented dog to make you feel inadequate in your life choices. 

Dagger, also known by the Internet as "Dogvinci," was training to be an. Assistance Dog for Canine Companions for Independence, when his handler, Yvonne Dagger, discovered that the dog possessed an unusual skill. Yvonne was painting one day and noticed that Dagger was taking a keen interest in what she was doing. 

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“He just started nudging me, and I said, ‘Dagger do you want to paint?’ So his tail started to wag. I said OK," Yvonne told ABC 7.

So Dagger received his own mouth-held paint brush, attached to a cardboard roll for gripping purposes, and started to paint. Yvonne discovered that Dagger could create some pretty impressive modern art pieces (as long as he had some assistance with paint choices). 

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Since then, Dagger has really taken to his new artistic career. Dagger's paintings are now sold for between $50 and $200 to folks who are eager to own their own genuine "Dogvinci" piece. 

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The best part is that 100% of the proceeds go toward Canine Companions for Independence. Because, as Dagger knows, with great talent comes great responsibility. 


Plus, as we all know, any excuse for a cute dog to wear an adorable beret is totally acceptable. 

The lesson we should all glean from this story? A colorblind dog can create works of art while us lazy humans sit around doing absolutely nothing. Because dogs are better than people. 


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