As those cold winter months approach, those of us who aren't in relationships are suddenly very aware of our singledom. Without that extra body heat to keep us warm, we're reduced to spooning body pillows and burying ourselves in extra blankets.

...And then there are always the adorable couples who make the single life even less appealing. 

Meet the couple that will either restore your faith in love or contribute to an escalation in your drinking problem: Claire Halleran and Daniel Smith. 


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The college students from Scotland have been together since they were fourteen (because apparently some middle school couples stayed together and didn't dump each other via a text from a Razr cell phone).

After that many years together, Smith picked up on Halleran's love of pugs. 

"It’s all I talk about," Halleran told BuzzFeed News.

So, The Boyfriend Of The Year (who are we kidding, best boyfriend of all time) gave his girlfriend the world's greatest 21st birthday card.

Yes, it looks like a normal birthday card with a cute pug on the front. BUT THEN SHE OPENED IT TO FIND OUT THAT THE TEENY TINY PUG ON THE FRONT WAS HER BIRTHADY PRESENT.... A present that Smith had been planning since June. 

"When I opened the card, I cried for a good five minutes," she told BuzzFeed. "I was just in shock."

We're crying, too. Because we want a pug. And a Daniel. 

Obviously, all of Twitter was jealous — and wondering where they could find their own Daniels. 



As tempting as it might be to Netflix and chill for one for all eternity, this seems better...

TBH, this seemed like a good opportunity to let any potential admirers know that this is how you win someone's heart. 

Money can buy you love because it can buy you pugs. 

The couple got to go meet the little goober for the first time on Friday — and, obviously, cuteness ensued. 


Best day everrrrr❤️

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The baby pug, who they're naming Dwight after their favorite character on The Office, is too young to be separated from his mother just yet — so he'll be coming home for good in two weeks. 

"He was so small today when we saw him!" Halleran said of the visit.

Okay, well. We'll just be here, alone, drinking wine and dreaming of Daniels and pug puppies.  

At least we know that love exists, right? (h/t buzzfeed)