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This Poor Dog Got One Of The Worst Haircuts We've Ever Seen And It's Hilarious

 I've had and seen some pretty disastrous haircuts in my time. But this poor dog takes the biscuit. Twitter user Lindsay Martin recently decided to share the butchering that her dog went through after her mom told the groomer "to keep it long on the top." 

 Here's Wembley before his haircut... 

 And after. 

 Unsurprisingly, Martin isn't very happy. 

 Especially because her mom won't let her fix it... 

 Twitter seemed to love it, though. 

 Martin seems anything but pleased about what happened to poor Wembley. 

 But was quick to reassure people that he's doing just fine and clarify that she still loves him, bad haircut or not. 

 And he does seem happy enough.