Dog owners are lucky enough to experience the profound joy of dog-training. While the hours of disciplining (and plenty of puppy mistakes) are less-than-ideal, there's no greater feeling than teaching a pup how to achieve that desirable "good boy" status. 

And no puppy-owner is luckier than 21-year-old Acelin Hampton from Denton, Texas. 

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Three months ago, he adopted a little pupper named Pablo (who has his own active Twitter account). 

As you can see, Pablo is A VERY GOOD BOY. 


Hampton told BuzzFeed News that this little munchkin has "gotten good with using the restroom outside."

As with all new pups though, there have been some accidents along the way. 

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When Pablo wouldn't make it outside in time, Hampton would clean up the accidents with toilet paper — and it seems that the doggo caught on to this tactic. 

Recently, Pablo didn't get outside in time to use the bathroom and he peed on the floor. Luckily, there was some toilet paper nearby and he tried to clean it up himself. 

Of course, Hampton had to tweet this heart-warming moment. Pablo did his best to fix the situation!

"He does a lot of things that let me know he’s pretty smart," Hampton told BuzzFeed

Immediately, Twitter's collective heart exploded over the cuteness. 


This pupper really tried hard — how could you punish that?


Frankly, though, Hampton is a little salty that Pablo's little accident has received way more online attention than any of their photos together. 

Puppy accomplishments > everything else. 

Good boy, Pablo. You did your best. 


If only all pups would make this much of an effort. (h/t buzzfeed)