I'm all for being sensitive towards different cultural practices but I can't get over eating dogs.

I know it sounds hypocritical of me because I happily eat chickens and cows and fish, but there's something about eating a dog that rubs me the wrong way. And I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment. Call it cultural programming or just how I was raised but I can't ever see puppers as appetizing.

The Moran Market in South Korea thinks otherwise, however. The dog meat slaughter house is one of the country's largest livestock markets, selling up to 80,000 dog carcasses a year.

And it's just been shut down thanks to the tireless efforts of In Defense of Animals.


The biggest incentive behind shutting down the slaughterhouse were the treatment of the animals in the facility. Lost, stolen, and farmed dogs were killed at the Moran Market and oftentimes in cruel ways. There were reports of animals being beaten, strangled, boiled alive, electrocuted, blow-torched, and hanged, all in front of their fellow dogs.

The reports caused widespread disgust in residents of the area, which spurred Seongnam official Kang Wongu to shut it down.


Although the practice of dog butchering in South Korea will most likely continue, shutting down the Moran Market is a huge victory for animal rights advocates in the region.

“The closure of Korea’s most infamous dog meat market at Moran deals a significant blow to the heart of the dog meat trade. We thank Seongnam city officials and Mayor, Jae Myung Lee, for taking a humane position. Moran market has run with the blood of hundreds of thousands of dogs for many years, so this is a step in the right direction in our fight to end the horrific dog meat trade," said IDA President, Dr. Marilyn Kroplick.

The Korean Animal Welfare Association said in an interview with The Korea Herald that there's still work to be done.


"Seongnam city took a big step toward changing the dog meat industry here...but we will have to constantly monitor dog meat shops in the market (to see) if they really stop slaughtering dogs and change their business (after the agreement). The city government will also need to keep pushing the idea to ultimately ban the sales of dog meat here," Jang In-Young said.

In addition to shutting down meat markets, animal rights activists are rescuing all the dogs they can from being butchered.


I do feel kind of hypocritical only caring about cute puppies, but it still makes me happy to see these little guys smiling. (h/t care2)