I haven't been to the top floor of One World Trade Center yet. Mostly because I hate crowds and every time I ever go into Manhattan for anything it's work related so I just want to get in and out without having my car towed, ticketed, or dinged up.

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to gaze out over the city beneath me from the 100th floor of the enormous tower.

So you can understand why I'm a bit peeved that a bunch of penguins got to do just that.

Yeah, I get that they're cute and cuddly and awesome, but screw these guys.

The brother and sister penguins, Betty and Vern, made the short trip from my home state, New Jersey. They were hatched at Jenkinson's Aquarium in the dirty Jerz, but they're originally from South Africa and now they're on the 100th floor of NYC's coolest building.

The penguins made an appearance to liven up the holiday events currently going on at One World Trade Center.


Kids were surprised by the penguins and were able to watch them, but not touch or cuddle the cuties.

There's a slew of other holiday-themed events going on at the One World Trade Center Observatory and you can pick tickets up for $34. Sadly, there aren't any planned impromptu penguin appearances, however. (h/t dnainfo)