We already know that dogs are simply the best when it comes to making us feel better, especially when we're sick. That much is fact that I'm pretty sure could be proven scientifically by someone that needs a dissertation that's really out there to secure their PhD.

In case you're that person, let me help you get started.

So her owner sniffs, and this loyal pup decides to help by grabbing a napkin and delivering it to her owner after undoubtedly seeing her reach for them whenever she had the sniffles over the course of their relationship.

doggo napkin 1

 Note the lack of saliva and bite marks. This was definitely intentional.

doggo napkin 2

User Mayrelyn shares her dog's good deed with the masses, and the responses she got only made her day even better.


While everyone else fell in love with both dog and gesture.




Come on other housepets, are you even trying?