In contentious and chaotic times, perhaps the one thing we can all agree on is that stalking cats on Instagram is a good use of time. 

So, if you're needing some new Instafamous pets to follow in 2017, we have the purrfect candidates (sorry, there's no excuse for that). 

Meet sisters Izzy and Zoë, mixed British Shorthair cats living in The Netherlands. 

These two besties have developed quite the Instagram presence, boasting 77,000 followers. 


? What you doing?

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"They do everything together: sleep, play, wash, eat, cuddle, you name it." owner Joanne told Catster


?We are so glad to be out of these suits.

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According to Joanne, the two sometimes are a little too close.

They use the same litter box, often at the same time. They often run around the house like a black and white whirlwind, but also sleep in each other’s paws and wash each other from top to bottom.

However, the affectionate tuxedo cats almost went to different homes.

Their soon-to-be parents originally intended to adopt just Izzy, but Zoë worked her way into their hearts — partially because of a heart-shaped marking on her chest.

"This is still the best impulsive decision we ever made," Joanne said. 

Despite technically being a "Shorthair," Zoë actually sports a longer coat than Izzy, earning herself the nickname "The Fluff."

Her correctly-placed heart patch has grown as she's aged. Now that she has an older, regal look, her owners affectionately call her the Queen of Hearts. 

Like many cats, Zoe is adorable, sweet, and a total weirdo. According to Joanne, "she is always looking around at everything like a nutty professor."

But once this goober warms up to you, you have a pal for life. "She does warm up to new things eventually," Joanne says. 

Some people doubt that the heart patch is real — but Joanne can promise it's 100% authentic. 

And The Queen of Hearts has learned to rock her heart in her catwalk. 

We're just glad she and sister can share the Instagram spotlight nicely. (h/t catster)