It's no secret that doggos are (wo)man's best friend and canine cuddling is the best medicine for any ailment. 

Puppers can also complete a family. But one particular boxer is going above an beyond for her new pack. 

Meet Brandi Guillet and her young son, Connor. 

Connor, who was adopted at birth, has a genetic disorder rendering him nonverbal and reliant on sign language. However, his lack of verbal communication certainly hasn't hindered his charisma. As you can tell, he is a very photogenic little boy — and they have some adorable family pictures with their beloved boxer. 

Recently, though, the family gained a new canine addition — a deaf boxer named Ellie.

Guillet uploaded a photo of the foster pupper (who is soon to be adopted!) with Connor to the Facebook page Deaf Dogs Rock with the most heartwarming message about Ellie's contribution to the family:

She is amazing with my son. She is the most gentle, loving girl ever. The most BEAUTIFUL part of this adoption is my son and his dog can actually talk to each other!

Guillet believes that deaf dogs may be able to help other children with special needs. 


"We have another boxer but there is something SO SPECIAL about Ellie," she wrote in a follow-up Facebook comment. "Something different... I'm so drawn to her... I believe many special needs kiddos could benefit from these dogs!"

The post has received nearly 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments (featuring plenty of photos of adorable deaf puppers, if you need some more cuteness to brighten your day). 

...2017 is already looking up.