When a cat shows you love, it's one of the best things in the world. Most of the dogs I've come across are constantly seeking attention and approval. Most cats I've come across act like I don't even exist. Which oddly makes me seek their approval. I mean there's nothing that I want more than to cuddle with a kitty, and there haven't been many that actually liked me that I wasn't allergic to.

Despite my kitty conundrum, I have mad respect for the felines and give props to those who take shelter animals in and provide homes for them.

Sadly, however, no matter how amazing a kitty can be, many of them go unclaimed from rescue shelters, mainly because they're older.

Which is what happened with Lou, a rescue cat who was getting up there in age. Until he was adopted by Isa Gonzalez Asensio.

She picked the affectionate kitty up from Lora Animal Rescue for her 14-year-old daughter, Laura. Laura suffers from a rare hereditary illness that inhibits proper neurological and physical development. Her mother wanted to provide her with a therapeutic animal.

Lou's calm disposition was a perfect match for Laura, who was overjoyed to have a kitty companion in Lou.

Incredibly, the video above is Lou and Laura's first interaction with one another. If you look closely, it even looks he's sharing a smile with the young girl.


The shelter posted about Lou's happy placement on Facebook:

"Lou adopted!!!!!!!!!!"

"We didn't understand as lou couldn't find a family to be a cat so docile and affectionate."

"Now I understand everything, I was waiting for laurita that that is the name of this angel so wonderful, and his mom isa."

"Thank you isa for opening your heart a little more and give you this opportunity to Lou."

"These images were recorded in a few hours of being lou in your home and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words I ask you to all who follow us aquell@s to share these beautiful images and we can break false myths."

"As a adult animal is not adapted or that can't be affectionate or that children and animals cannot live together between all we are sure that we will gradually and changing some minds."

"Thank you isa and thank you"

It's a beautiful moment when two living things can comfort one another. It looks like Lou and Laura are going to get along together just fine.