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A Passionate Robert Irwin Brings Snakes And Sloths Onto The Tonight Show

Steve Irwin's death hit hard worldwide. He was a man that loved animals and wanted to teach the world about them in an effort to remind us that we aren't the only species occupying this planet. On Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Robert Irwin showed the world that he is his father's son.

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There were mini crocodiles, a rather loud armadillo, two sloths, and in true Irwin fashion, a giant snake that could end the Tonight Show host's life and almost ended up leaving the set with Jimmy Fallon's hand.

While the animals were great, it was really Robert that stole the show. He charmed Fallon, the audience, and viewers at home with the same charismatic passion for animals his late father had.

We'll be seeing a lot more of Robert in the future without a doubt.

Steve would be proud.