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This 95-Year-Old Alzheimer's Patient And Her Therapy Dog Are Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart
1 year ago

There's something undeniably amazing about cute, little puppies and children. Seriously, they can brighten your day like nothing else.

I remember being in the worst depression of my life after getting dumped years ago. When my sister's cat, Felix, who never wants to hang out with me, crawled onto my lap and curled up into a little ball, I just bawled my eyes out in happiness, petting the sweet little guy who kept nuzzling up to me.

There's a reason why "therapy animals" exist - it's because they work. And this guy's 95-year-old grandmother with Alzheimer's is a clear example.

Richard Dawson tweeted these touching photos showing how happy his previously angry and depressed grandmother is after they got her a therapy animal.
Her happiness is evident, I mean, just look at that grin.
It's hard to get a clear picture because the two are clearly enjoying themselves.
Like, really, really enjoying themselves.

The touching post was retweeted almost 2,000 times and garnered a ton of likes.

What's more is that it got people tweeting photos of their own therapy dogs. This user posted a photo of their fellow daschund.
It became a regular dachshund fest.
It turns out that Dawson's grandma isn't the only granny suffering from dementia who had a loving pup by her side.

I mean I could sit here all day posting cute photos of dachshunds, and I want to, but I think you get the point. If you or anyone you know would benefit from a therapy animal, you can hit up the National Service Animal Registry for more information.