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Picasso The Shelter Dog Was Abandoned Over His Deformity, But Now People Are Lining Up To Adopt Him And His Brother

I can't spend too much time in animal shelters. It gets upsetting after a while seeing all of the puppers and kitties who are struggling to find homes.

It's super depressing and I feel like adopting all of them. Sadly, I never do, but I am working on getting an older cat for my apartment as we speak; I just gotta convince my landlord (fingers crossed).

I wanted to get an older cat because people are always trying to get their hands on puppies and kittens. I also did it so I can totally feel like a stand-up individual and be smug in conversations with other people. But in all seriousness, if an animal in a shelter is a bit on the older side or has some type of deformity, no one is really looking to adopt them.

Which is what happened to old Picasso here, the lovable pup with a seriously messed up snout.
He was given to the same animal shelter along with his brother, Pablo. The pair was taken in by Luvable Dog Rescue and since photos of the couple were posted online, offers to adopt have been pouring in.

Nope- you're not seeing things!😳This little guys' face is all wonky - and according to his breeder, who wasn't able to sell him and so finally dumped him at a shelter - he was born this way...😐 🐾Luvable agreed to take the boy with the crooked face first and then we learned he had a brother who was also abandoned🐾We couldn't leave the brother behind so we said we would take him too!!! So both boys just arrived @luvabledogrescue Saturday night thanks to the caring transport provided by Mark and Jane of @edgewater_furniture and @anewleashonlifedogrescue 😊They will be up for adoption in about two weeks once we've had the chance to evaluate them and get them vetted and healthy... WE LOVE THEM!!!💞🎉💓💘💋💕😚 They seem to be some kind of corgi-dachshund blend ...? 🎉Stay posted for updates! 💜#BornThisWay #sweetspecialdog #brothers #corgi #dachshund #whatAFace#barkbox

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The Rescue shelter says before they can place the brothers in a home (together, of course) Picasso will need dental surgery first.

Good morning from the brothers 🐶 photos by @simplymeccarr

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But once his snout is set right, the adorable duo is up for grabs.
Name me a more iconic dog brother duo, I'll wait.

If you're interested in taking these very, very good boys home, you can visit Luvable Dog Rescue's site here.