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Picasso The Shelter Dog Was Abandoned Over His Deformity, But Now People Are Lining Up To Adopt Him And His Brother
1 year ago

I can't spend too much time in animal shelters. It gets upsetting after a while seeing all of the puppers and kitties who are struggling to find homes.

It's super depressing and I feel like adopting all of them. Sadly, I never do, but I am working on getting an older cat for my apartment as we speak; I just gotta convince my landlord (fingers crossed).

I wanted to get an older cat because people are always trying to get their hands on puppies and kittens. I also did it so I can totally feel like a stand-up individual and be smug in conversations with other people. But in all seriousness, if an animal in a shelter is a bit on the older side or has some type of deformity, no one is really looking to adopt them.

The Rescue shelter says before they can place the brothers in a home (together, of course) Picasso will need dental surgery first.

Good morning from the brothers 🐶 photos by @simplymeccarr

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If you're interested in taking these very, very good boys home, you can visit Luvable Dog Rescue's site here.