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These Adorable Dogs Don't Know What To Do With Their Tongues

There is some debate over why dogs lick people. Some people argue that dogs are trying to pass their scent onto their owners, some people say that dogs just like the way we taste, and other claim that it is a sign of affection. Whatever the cause might be dogs do a lot of licking. That isn't a complaint. I would be flattered if a dog thought I should smell like her, or just thought I tasted good, or wanted to show some love. Whatever the reason may be, I'm into it. 

That being said,  dogs don't seem to like it when the tables are turned. Trust me. I have tested this theory countless times. But for now, check out these adorable dogs who simply don't know what their tongues are for... or when to stop licking.

She's ashamed.
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Well, hello.
Adorable Pupper Face
We're here and ready to lick!
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I can't wait to lick these oranges.
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I'm in anticipation.
My little photogenic blopper from blop
We're friendly, we swear!
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In Russia, you lick dog.
Babushka blop from blop
I know what that sound means...
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Teach your children.
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Get ready for my licking
Close up Samoyed blop :P from blop
Most humans can't even do this!
Maru Much talent blop from blop
Lick the lightening!
Scary Thunder Blop from blop
Licking is exhausting, you know?
Was told you guys would like Mia's roadtrip blop from blop
Did I do that?
Omg she blopped!! from blop
I licked all the slime.
I was told you'd like this adventure blop from blop
Turn around so I can lick you!
Excuse human, please can you help me put my tongue back in?
If only I could peel a banana...
Banana blop from blop
Nothing tastes quite like Christmas.
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K9 unit is still just a canine.
Tactical blop from blop
Love this toy!
Chubby shiba blop from blop
I am content, see?
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I'll know how to use my tongue when I am older!
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Big dog. Tiny tongue.
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If you pet him enough, he unlocks his tongue
Alaskan Wolf Pupper
Good morning!
"Hey. Wake up."
He'll grow into his tongue eventually.
Shhh, puppy sleeping. Leave your upvotes quietly please.
Watcha looking at?
Rain Drop, Drop top, little man does a little blop. from blop
You gotta see what I found!
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Is it okay if I give you a lick?
Nervous Staffie Blop from blop
Wait... This isn't real turkey.
Sunset blop (xpost from r/corgi) from blop