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Erin Dietrich
Viral 'Giraffe Mom' Finally Meets April The Giraffe And It's Totally Surreal

There are so many complicated giraffe layers to peel away in this story, so please, try to hang in there. Okay, so April the giraffe is a real, living giraffe who became famous when her caretakers at Animal Adventure Park decided to install a live cam in her enclosure during her pregnancy, keeping the Internet enthralled. 

Meanwhile, a woman named Erin Dietrich set up a spoof on April's cam because she herself was close to birthing a baby, which led to a bunch of very funny giraffe mask social media posts:

And of course, the video itself, which can only be described as surreal:

Now, both Erin and April have safely delivered their offspring, and are ready to meet and greet. This week, Erin brought her son Porter to meet April, and of course she dressed him up in a giraffe costume:

Inside Edition reports that Erin got to feed some vegetables to April under the watchful eye of the refuge owner, Jordan Patch, who invited her up from South Carolina to New York. Erin told reporters, "We’re buddies; we’re companions. She just doesn’t know it.” Maybe if you dressed her up as a human, things would click?