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Elephants Run To Welcome A Baby Elephant And It's Like A Scene From A Disney Movie

If you've ever had a dog as a pet, then you've probably experienced that shower of affection they throw on you when you come back home from work or a long trip.

They're so excited to see you that you start to wonder why in the heck human beings can't be capable of the same ebullient, overflowing love that puppers just can't seem to contain.

Now you might go and think that this is a trait peculiar to dogs, but it seems like unabashed displays of affection is something that is pretty darn common in the animal kingdom.

Like these elephants who gave a rescued baby elephant a beautiful, welcoming embrace.

The touching video was posted by the Save the Elephants Foundation to showcase just how empathetic elephants are - and it's probably hard to find a better example than this.

Scientists have found that elephants possess high levels of emotional intelligence.

The gentle giants aren't just highly protective of their own close-knit groups; they're also known to have "funerals" for their dead. So if you thought that human beings had a monopoly on complex forms of affection, well, you're wrong. Because elephants totally have us beat.