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This Dog Crashed An Orchestra Performance And Won Over The Entire Audience

One of the most beautiful things about animals is that they’re the same in every situation. 

A wild tiger in a McDonald’s is going to act the same way as it would in the jungle.

It’s a true IDGAF attitude that lots of humans lack, except for young children, which is probably why animals and babies always enthrall us. 

So when this dog strolled on stage during an outdoor orchestra performance in Ephesus, Turkey, even the tuxedoed musicians couldn't help but smile.

The Vienna Chamber Orchestra seemed to be getting along with the yellow labrador during their performance of Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony No.4. 

The best part is that the audience laughed and applauded the dog as it laid down at the foot of the violinist, who was probably pretty stoked the dog thought he was cool. I mean, I know I would be.

People of course had jokes about the music-loving pupper.

And then people started their own theories as to what was going through the dog's head during the show.

But he probably just wanted to hear some good music.

Good beats for good dogs.