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Guy Gets Same Tattoo As His Adopted Dog, Quickly Realizes He's Made A Horrible Mistake

We've all done well-intentioned things that ended up becoming horrible disasters.

Like when we were kids and thought we were "helping" mom with the dishes by taking them into the backyard and spraying them down with the garden hose. Or tried to save our parents a few dollars by giving ourselves our own haircuts. Sure, we meant well, but at the end of the day, it was a bad, bad idea. 

Something that this guy learned first-hand when he tried to make his adopted dog, Bear, feel better about a tattoo he received from his "abusive" previous owners.


It seems like a kind gesture, doesn't it? Sure, your dog probably won't know that you've got the same symbol as you've got on your arm as he does on his belly. I mean, it's not like the dog can get a clear look at it unless it understands the concepts of mirrors and spent a good amount of time examining its belly in one.

But he quickly discovered that Bear's tattoo wasn't really a tattoo at all, at least not one that his former humans decided to tag him with. It was a tattoo with a very specific purpose.

To let vets and people know he's neutered. The gentleman found this out after the fact, unfortunately.


One can only imagine how many more people make jokes about this poor guy being neutered on his Facebook feed.

The real question is, does he have a vasectomy? Because if so, well, then this might be the happiest coincidence at all.