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Following Public Outcry, Australian Jockey Faces Potential Lifetime Ban For Punching His Horse

People who abuse positions of power are the worst kind of people. Like parents who terrorize their children. Or even worse, humans who terrorize their animals.

So when this video of a jockey punching their horse surfaced online, people were understandably upset.

The jockey was suspended for two weeks following the attack on the racehorse. In the clip, you can see the poor animal react to the blow that looks like it was placed right in its belly.

People thought his suspension was too lenient of a punishment.

While animal cruelty groups pointed out that the Jockey's behavior is sadly unsurprising considering the nature of horseracing in general.

Once footage of the jockey's attack went viral, the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses called for a lifetime ban of the jockey for the cheap shot.

Others think that horseracing in general needs to come to an end.

As of now, the man is sitting on a two-week suspension, but if the viral outrage persists, he might be looking at a lot more time off from racing horses.

This isn't the first time a jockey's come under fire for assaulting their race horse. Irish jockey Davey Russell was previously caught on camera striking his horse on the head.