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2 Rats Go Viral While Battling For Single French Fry In NYC Subway

Do you remember Pizza Rat? He was the rat with a pizza. Well, now he's back with a brand new favorite food: french fries. To be fair, this could be a different rat. 

But same idea:

It's real in these frites

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In the video we can see two rats (one of whom may or may not be Pizza Rat) have a tug-of-war over a french fry. That might seem a little boring, but it's way better when set to music. 

Unlike Pizza Rat, which was pretty cut and dry, people have a lot of questions about the latest collection in the Rats With Human Food series. 

But the main question on everyone's mind is: Is that actually a fry?

It seems like we can't say for sure what the rats were fighting over. Hopefully the next sequel clears things up.