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Dog That's Up For Adoption Has Been Banned From An Entire State--And Twitter Has Some Questions

There's lots of factors to consider when adopting a new pet. You have to think about the size of an animal, if it'd get along with everyone else in the house, and whether or not the animal is legally allowed in your state. 

Jack is Siberian Husky currently seeking adoption. Twitter user @historiancole came across Jack's profile while looking at animal adoption pages and noticed something surprising.  

It seems poor Jack had a rambunctious childhood.


No answer was given which left Twitter to speculate. 

Eventually Historian Cole did find a lead but it is all still pretty speculative. 

That seems like a pretty good guess but the only person who knows for sure is Jack and he isn't a person at all. 

If you'd like to help out Jack's Shelter you can do so at the link below.