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aewang/Flickr: Creative Commons
Vicious Sea Lion Attacks Prompt San Francisco To Shut Down Popular Swimming Area
4 months ago

On Monday, the Golden Gate National Park Service is planning to reopen the San Francisco’s Aquatic Park after shutting it down over the weekend. A second sea lion attack was reported on Friday. Though an extremely rare occurrence, it had happened two days in a row.

NBC reports that on Thursday, a 56-year-old man was charged by a sea lion in the water and bitten on the arm. A second man was bitten in the arm as well the following day. Authorities warned swimmers to keep out due to "multiple marine animal bites," according to signs in the area.

Swimmers say it's not uncommon to encounter the animals in the water, but bites are not frequently heard of.

Though folks mostly seem astounded, there are lots of people who are definitely on the sea lion's side:

There's no way to know if it was the same sea lion or why they would suddenly be so much more aggressive than usual. Maybe they are just fed up with us?