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Dad Still Doesn't Recognize Family Dog Even Though He Owned It For 10 Years

Dad Still Doesn't Recognize Family Dog Even Though He Owned It For 10 Years
2 weeks ago

As a father myself I can confirm that dads often times live in their own worlds. It's something I pretty much always knew as a kid - I'd be talking to my father while we were driving in the car and I realized he had stopped listening to me about 15 minutes ago.

Maybe his mind was preoccupied worrying about bills, or if he should just leave us and start a new life somewhere on a ranch in Guatemala, or maybe he was thinking about what he was going to have for lunch. Whatever was on his mind, he couldn't be bothered to know the actual name of the video game we asked him for, or know that there's a big difference between a Sega Genesis and an NES.

I get bouts of that myself, like when my wife insists something is "coral" colored when all I see is pink, or when she forces me to buy toilet paper in addition to paper towels. Sure, the towels are a little rough but you need a little grit to get all those nooks and crannies out, amirite fellas?

Now although I'm completely oblivious to the minutiae of household life like what cup is used for which meal time, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to identify members of my own family fairly well. And I'm also confident I'd be able to know our own family dog - especially if we were living with the pupper for 10 years. Which is more than this dad can say.

Alex and his brother noticed that the dog their father picked up from the groomer's, despite resembling their own family's Maltese dog, Nieves, was clearly not theirs.

A fact that they hilariously pointed out on video and graciously shared with the rest of us on Twitter. Their pop's reaction was classic dad - it didn't really phase him. He just picked whoever's-dog-it-was up and brought him back to Petsmart. When they asked if he thought anything was off when he picked the dog up he did, but said: "I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me."

The doggy was surprisingly well-mannered, despite being unintentionally kidnapped.

After making it back to the groomer's, their dad wanted to make sure the puppy he was bringing back home was theirs.

So he snapped a pic and sent it to his boys, just to be on the safe side.

Other people online definitely understood where their dad was coming from - they couldn't tell the difference between the two dogs either.

Then people began sharing their own dad mix-up stories.

Switching up the family dog is pretty bad, but what about bringing home the wrong child from kindergarten?

Others wanted to know how Petsmart let him pick up the dog and what the other pup's owner thought of the whole experience.

And if you thought that the other dog seemed a little too comfortable in a new home and family environment, then you're not alone.

Which Alex confirmed.

Alex might also be responsible for his brother's DMs to blow up right about now: people are seriously crushing on him.

Both men and women.

So there's two morals to this story: it doesn't matter how long you've had your family dog - dad will have a hard time identifying it. The other is that funny family happenings are a good opportunity to put your hot brother on camera and get his inbox spammed. (h/t buzzfeed)