So you want to get a job as a Disney princess. Unfortunately it doesn't come with all the cool stuff — like dominion over a kingdom, servants, immeasurable wealth, or some plucky, handsome dude to fall in love with while an oftentimes magical villain threatens the very life of you and your people. So what is being a working princess really like?

This woman divulged all her secrets.

Professional princess, Jenna Bell, held a Reddit AMA dedicated to the truth of her profession.

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On how she became a princess (hint: it was a total accident).


On the character she relates to the most.


Here she is, posing with a little Anna.

Jenna Bell
jenna bell

On not really wanting to be an actress.


On the best day being a princess ever.


Here she is, Elsa-ing it up in Thailand.

Jenna Bell
jenna bell

On the depressing side of Princess-dom.


On how she deals with misbehaving kids.


On treasonous children.


On weird adult parties.


On Marry, Fuck, or Kill.


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