Netflix went from having a 'meh' collection of movies and TV shows to producing some of the most-watched and original series ever. Cable is becoming more and more threatened by the online streaming giant because when it comes to convenience and ease of use, it doesn't get much better than Netflix.

But the service only works when you have an active online connection. So if you're travelling to an area without a reliable internet connection, you can't binge-watch Black Mirror or finally get around to seeing Beasts of No Nation.

But that struggle will be a thing of the past, because Netflix just made a game-changing move.

You'll finally be allowed to download movies or TV shows to watch for later viewing.

The company just dropped the huge announcement on Twitter, but it's important to note that not all of the titles will be available for download immediately.


All Netflix originals are part of the deal, along with select other titles like Breaking BadMad Men, and movies NightcrawlerBoyhoodPulp Fiction are some of the titles viewers will be able to save for later viewing. There are a bunch of kids titles available for downloads too, so road-tripping parents will be happy to hear that.

Netflix promises that new titles will constantly be available for download shortly. Users can download standard and high-definition versions of their chosen content.

orange is the new black

Standard will take up less space on your device and download more quickly, HD's the exact opposite of that, but you'll get better quality video.

The service has been added to existing subscription plans, so you don't need to pay more for it, just update your iOS or Android Netflix apps.


Other streaming content services, like Amazon Prime Video have already allowed users offline access to their content, so Netflix is just playing catch up with its competitors. But they also have tons more customers and have arguably better content, so this is a huge win for Flixheads everywhere.

Now excuse me while I update my app.