Emma Watson's been pretty vocal about women's rights, and decided to practice what she preaches in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film.


Not only is she absolutely stunning in the iconic yellow ball gown from the Disney film, but she's rocking the dress sans corset.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the English actress said that wearing a corset didn't fit her vision for Belle.


Watson believes that she should be an "active" Princess, something that would be near impossible to achieve while rocking an ancient, waist-slimming contraption made of whale-bone.

And although corsets were widely worn by women of the period Beauty & the Beast is set in, Belle's a character who's supposed to stand out.


She wants to be valued for her personality and intelligence, and not how itty-bitty her waist can get.

The live-action remake of Cinderella came under fire for actress Lily James' corset-wearing. James confessed she adopted a "liquid diet" to fit into her dress.


With the release of FrozenMoana, and now Watson's interpretation of Belle, Disney appears to be tripling down on messages of female empowerment.


And when it comes to the Belle, it's hard to imagine an actress who's better suited to portraying bad-assery poise, simultaneously, than Emma Watson.


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Go on with your feminist self.


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