Britney Spears is somewhat of an anomaly. Despite not having the best of live singing voices, and having a very public mental breakdown, she still has a music career — and a pretty damn good one at that.

And because 2016 has been a terrible year in terms of losing amazing musicians like David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, and most recently, George Michael, any other rumor started about a famous singer passing would probably be met without much question — that's how much of a dumpster fire 2016 has been.

So when hackers got a hold of Sony Music Global's Twitter account and announced that Britney Spears had met her maker, people believed it.

Even though the announcement seemed kind of suspect.

Bob Dylan even had his Twitter account compromised and hackers sent out messages of bereavement on his behalf.

But before long, Sony Global Music deleted the tweets and regained control of their account. The public was assured that Britney was alive and well.

And then spears posted proof of life herself, by posting a video of her and her kids out hunting.


Thank goodness, now let's hope 2016 doesn't have any other nasty surprises in store for us.