2016 claimed some of our most beloved artists, from David Bowie to Carrie Fisher, there's seemingly no end to the havoc that this terrible year has unleashed upon humanity.

The year's been so sucky that people straight up want to fight it. Seriously, if there was a way to anthropomorphize 2016 into a human being I think the people of the world would collectively drag it into a basement and beat the hell out of it with lead pipes and nail-bats.

And in an effort to make sure that 2016 keeps its grubby paws off of another beloved icon, Demetrios Hrysikos decided to do something about it.

He set up a GoFundMe page to help him collect enough money to protect Betty White from 2016 until next year.


And before you get to thinking this dude is just trying to cash in on a clever internet joke, he plans on donating the money to the Spartanburg Little Theater should Betty White decline his generous offer of protection.

But people are seriously worried that this lousy year will take yet another icon away from us.

I mean, seriously worried.





Seriously, 2016, back the hell off.