2016 is the year that just keeps on giving. Its latest victim? Us, the fans, because a tandem Instagram post by both Drake and JLo last night confirmed that they're both off the market and dating each other.


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Rumors have been floating around for weeks ever since 30-year-old Drake visited the 47-year-old pop star for her return show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, but the masses thought it to be nothing more than a post that may have hinted at a possible future collaboration.


? <-------- Lotta those

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Judging by the picture of the two that went up while the rest of us were sleeping, that certainly no longer seems to be the case.


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The captionless posts left many speechless. JLo fans expressed nothing but unbridled joy and well wishes for the 47-year-old pop star.

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While Drake's fans were...less enthusiastic.

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While no one would put it above them to stage a relationship for a collaboration album, the fact that Rhianna unfollowed JLo a day before the photo of the new couple went live sure does lend some legitimacy for the whole thing.

The only question on our mind now is what do we call the new power couple? D-Lo? Jrake? I'm sure we'll all agree on something soon enough.