When news broke out that the world's best hip-hop artist for memes was dating J.Lo, people were generally in shock and disbelief.

Even though multiple sources pretty much confirmed that the two were an item, there was still some doubt as to the truth of their dating rumors, but after a few new photos of the two surfaced, it's pretty hard to ignore the fact that Drake and Jennifer Lopez are more than just friends.

Don't believe me? Just check out these photos and videos taken of the couple at a party and tell me otherwise.

That's just a friendly dance-floor grind, right?


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Apparently, the track the two of them are dancing to is an unreleased duet that they recorded together.


So maybe all of this lovey-doviness is just normal between artists who are recording together, yeah?


The party they attended was winter wonderland/ prom-themed, that's why they're dressed like they're about to do an awkward photo pose.


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The couple were caught kissing too.


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Here they are, smooching it up again.


And here's the photobooth pic of the two of them all up in each other.


People aren't exactly happy that the two of them are seeing each either, it seems. There's plenty of comments on the photos about Rihanna. There are some DraLo supporters, though. What do you think? Is this an important musical alliance? Or is the widespread obsession with celebrity couples indicative of an individual's inability to have a successful or meaningful romantic relationship of their own.