You'd be hard-pressed to find a fan base more dedicated and knowledgeable than Friends fanatics. If the fan wikis online are any indication, it's safe to say Friends fans know almost everything. However, pop culture savant Brian Pocrass of 22 Vision dug up some information that even those most observant film junkies would have missed.  

As it turns out, there's a crazy overlap between Friends and the beloved classic Home Alone

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Turns out, Chandler and Monica shared something in common with the McCallister family. 


Mind blown? Us too.

Now, this overlap doesn't actually make sense in TV land, as Monica and Chandler purchased a home in Westchester, New York, while the McCallister family lived in a suburb of Chicago. 

...But we'll just imagine a world in which this is still consistent because we like the idea of the Bings purchasing a home from the McCallisters. 

The Home Alone house isn't just a set — but, sadly, you won't be able to live there anytime soon to continue the legacy. 

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The Winnetka, Illinois house sold for $1.58 million back in 2012. 

Start saving your paychecks.