While 2017 has been a welcome change from the dark cloud that was 2016, some of the events from the last month are still looming over us. The death of beloved film icons and mother-daughter duo Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds rocked Hollywood and fans to their cores.

In the wake of the double tragedy, HBO tried to soothe us my moving up the release of its documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

You can check out the trailer for the documentary, that became available on YouTube yesterday, below. You'd better grab the tissues because you're about to feel all the feelings. 

The camera crew documents Fisher and Renold's unique mother-daughter and next door neighbor relationship. 

We get to witness some heartwarming moments — like when Fisher insists her mother throw out her first generation cell phone and when the two exchange fashion advice. 

And, of course, the beloved doggos make an appearance. 

"I'm my mom’s best friend," Fisher says (sob). "Far more than I would ever want to, I know what my mother feels and wants." 

...How can HBO do this to us?

That said, we're looking forward to one last tribute to these legends.