When it comes to celebrity couples and relationship scandals, Taylor Swift seems to have a corner on that market.

However her BFF Selena Gomez is not only the queen of Instagram, but she might become the queen of celebrity relationship goals.

That's because the former Disney star and millionaire social media influencer was spotted making out with one of the most prominent pop artists out right now.

That's right, she was getting all lovey dovey with The Weeknd.


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The two were spotted by TMZ chilling right outside of Girgio Baldi in Santa Monica last night. The pics show the two celebrities arm in arm, getting all up in each other's respective businesses, and yes, kissing.

The Weeknd was previously connected to Bella Hadid, the sister of T. Swift's squad member Gigi.


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Since all the Weeknd high-pitched-sings about is doing drugs and getting into all sorts of sexual debauchery with models, it's kind of amazing that his official relationship with Bella lasted a whole year-and-a-half before the two called it quits in November of 2016.

And if you're going to have a rebound, you could do a lot worse than Selena. And no offense to the Biebs, but, the Weeknd is definitely an upgrade for Gomez. Although I don't see anyone selling glasses that the Weeknd drank out of for $80,000. (h/t onairwithryan)