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Andy Serkis Reads Trump's Tweets As Gollum And Fans Can't Get Enough

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert invited actor Andy Serkis onto The Late Show to have him play who some people consider to be one of our greatest modern monsters: President Donald Trump. A lot of Trump's tweets are confusing, if not utterly bewildering. Yet, listening to Andy Serkis, they start to make sense. Maybe Trump's psyche is almost the same as Gollum's?

He read a more current tweet aloud:

And also mentioned the "covfefe" tweet that lives in infamy.

People went wild for it:

There's actually already someone on Twitter who "gollumizes" all of Trump's tweets everyday. I assume it's Gollum. Whoever they are, they were huge fans of the bit on The Late Show:

Maybe we should turn this whole administration into a three part sequel?