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Stephen King Tweets Creepy Advertisement For ‘IT’ Books In Sweden

Stephen King Tweets Creepy Advertisement For ‘IT’ Books In Sweden
8 months ago

You know an advertisement is a good one when it makes you forget that there's a group of people trying to sell you something.

Kind of like this amazing compilation of Arnold Schwarzenegger commercials from Japan.

Now Japan has a pretty solid resume when it comes to creating nonsensical ways to push products. Turns out Sweden is pretty darn good at crafting some dope ads as well.

So dope, in fact, that Stephen King had to give props to a shop's ingenuity when marketing the book IT.

Sure, you'll be freaked out almost immediately upon seeing the display, but once you realize whoever set it up was pretty darn clever, you're probably going to want to buy a book.

Twitter was right on board with the idea.

Others shared their own, old school copies of the book.

Along with their pre-viewing rituals.

It turns out other businesses had the same idea, too.

However, if you take it out of the bookstore and put it into the wild, then things get really, really creepy.