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Fans Are Officially Freaking Out Over The New 'Star Wars' Poster
6 months ago

There are a lot of feelings swirling right now about Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie. It is likely Carrie Fisher's last appearance on film as Princess Leia, unless they filmed some extra scenes for the future, or resurrect her with CGI (please no). With every new drop of info released, fans rise to the surface in a rabid frenzy. 

But this new poster is absolutely worth freaking out about:

Carrie Fisher is the heart of this poster, as fans were quick to note. Emotions ran high, Easter eggs were hunted out, and possible plot points discovered:

So, is Luke really in the "Vader position"? Will we see him go bad, as the prophecy foretold? Or will Leia save them all? AH, I can't wait!