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You Can Finally Watch The 'Stranger Things' Audition Tapes

You Can Finally Watch The 'Stranger Things' Audition Tapes
7 months ago

By now you've probably finished watching the second season of Stranger Things because, c'mon, it's been a week. One thing you may not have seen yet, though, was the cast's original audition tapes. 

On Beyond Stranger Things, the after show for Stranger Things, the public got to see these tapes for the first time. While we found them to be really cool, the cast found them to be embarrassing. 

You might be wondering why some of the lines spoken in the audition weren't actually from the show. Well, one clever YouTube commenter was able to figure out where they came from. 

I love how they had them read lines from Stand By Me for their auditions. Definitely got them into the 80's feel of things.


Even though dialogue from Stand By Me is not what most of us were expecting fans are still excited these auditions have been released. 

There was actually one more audition tape that has been revealed recently. GQ just shared Dacre Montgomery’s audition for Billy. It has him dancing to "Hungry Like The Wolf" and you're going to want to see this, too. 

Let's hope more of these tapes get revealed.