You’da thought Americans would run out of delicious foods to deep-fry in order to make more delicious, but you’d be wrong because pizza tempura. You heard me! Deep. Fried. Pizza.

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While this probably isn’t the first time some culinary genius decided to dip everybody’s favorite cheesy treat into a vat of burning oil, it is the first time a NYC eatery proudly displayed it on their menu. And, as we all know, a food hasn’t “made it” until it is served at a NYC eatery.

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The savory delight comes courtesy of casual Japanese food joint Sake Bar Hagi 46, who’d apparently had it on their menu for 13 years but only recently gained attention because I don’t know, probably millennials and novelty foods or something.

Anyway, most people seem to really love it, and what's not to love?

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"I don't know how to best describe it other than to say it is AMAZING and makes me want to learn how to make a good tempura batter so I can deep fry slices of Ellio's frozen pizza at home," one relatable Yelp reviewer explains.

Other folks (none of whom ate Ellio's every day at/after school, I'm assuming) weren't impressed and weren't afraid to let everyone know. "It was okay but lacked enough cheesiness and sauce," wrote one reviewer. Some people are never happy. 

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Whatevs, more for the rest of us amirite? *Books flight to NYC*