Halloween, also known as the national day of consuming ungodly amounts of sugar under the guise of making children happy, is fast approaching. So, it's time to start preparing. And by "preparing" we mean consuming enough dessert to boost your sugar tolerance levels to 10-year-old standards. 

And what better way to prepare yourself for gorging on seven pounds of candy than by eating a festive Halloween cake? 

The all-knowing pastry chefs and food bloggers of Instagram are showing off their best twork of the season — cobweb cakes.... And we can't get enough of these beauties. 

Are these not the most beautiful creations you've ever laid eyes on?

It's creepy, cool, and delicious. And all you have to do to give your dessert this extra effect is melt a bag of marshmallows in the microwave and pull strands of the goo over the surface of your cake. 


We must admit, this looks really fun. 


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You can watch a cobweb cake tutorial (and a matching nail art tutorial) below:

Never hurts for your nails to match your cakes. 

If you're not feeling ready to cobweb frost an entire cake, you can always go smaller and try it with cupcakes. 


Make Marshmallow Spiderwebs Over Your Cupcakes!! #hersheys

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Baby steps. 

This might be our new favorite Halloween tradition.


We're on board with any tradition that involves cake and marshmallows. 

Happy Halloween!

Who wants to make one of these for us?