We've all faced that agonizing decision — in online quizzes and in real life — when we have to choose between our two greatest loves: chocolate and cheese. But how could we choose just one? It's like choosing a favorite child; the best that savory and sweet have to offer. 

Thankfully, the days of painful decision-making are over... Because we can have both. TOGETHER. 

Melbourne-based "dairy specialist" Curds & Whey has officially crafted and released a chocolate cheese called Choco 21. 

No, you're not dreaming. This magical creation is an Italian blue cheese with chocolate liqueur, topped with cocoa powder and a layer of chocolate chips. 

It seems like these dairy specialists have given the flavor profile a lot of thought. "The blue itself is quite mild, and the liqueur adds the chocolate flavor without being sweet," Curds & Whey's owner, Anna Burley told Mashable

But don't worry, you get the sweetness from the chocolate chips on top. 

As it turns out, combining the world's best two foods results in a product with high demand. After just one week on shelves, Choco 21 is entirely sold out. 

They're expected to restock the cheese in a few weeks, but you should hurry if you want to squeeze in some of this evil deliciousness before that 2017 diet kicks in. (h/t mashable)