School lunch has never had a reputation for being the freshest or most delicious interpretation of haute cuisine, but we can't help but have some pretty basic standards when it comes to cafeteria food. It's pretty hard to screw up boxed milk and french fries, after all. 

But somehow, even cartons of milk can turn hazardous when placed in a high school cafeteria. 

Students at Catskill High School in New York's Catskill Mountains decided to expose their school lunch travesty with a video of what appears to be chocolate milk...

"I'm posting that sh*t everyone," one student says, informing us that the expiration date on the milk is December 2, 2016 — so it's supposed to be safe to drink. 

In case the video wasn't enough for you, let's replay the highlight of the sludgy toxic waste falling out onto the tray:

There's absolutely no way it's safe to drink this, right? We're no food safety experts, but, last time we checked, milk is supposed to be a liquid. That flows. And drips. 

This issue doesn't appear to be an anomoly, either... Lest we forget that "hamburger" one student posted to Facebook earlier this month that looked more like, well, something else that comes out of a cow.  

Get it together, schools. High school can be bad enough without the toxic food. 

BRB, thanking the powers above that we're no longer in high school.