I love cake. I love sweets. I love ice cream. I love tortes. I love puddings, mousses, tarts, strudels, danishes, donuts, croissants. I love everything bad for me. I love everything that gives me diabetes.

I also love money. So generally, I don't spend it on all of these delicious sweets. Sure, it gets problematic around the holidays whenever my wife plops a pan of homemade brownies or banana nut bread or baklava on the kitchen counter. It rarely lasts the night.

But I can generally stay away from the belly-busting sweets because I'll rarely go and buy it for myself and lord knows I'm much too lazy to actually bake something.

But this 'Magic Cake' looks so easy and cheap to concoct, that I may have just screwed up my diet. For good.


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If you look closely, you'll notice that this cake has three separate layers. And it's easy as hell to cook. That's right, you don't need to chill anything in a special way or whisk your eggs with your wrist turned slightly at a 70-degree angle while leaving it in room temperature for 92 seconds or anything like that.

You make it with simple as hell ingredients: eggs, water, flour, sugar, milk, and butter in a specific order and you end up with pure glory.


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You can even get jiggy with the recipe and make magic strudels or danishes (cue heavy breathing).


All you need to do is combine the ingredients, put it in one pan in the oven and you get three delicious layers.


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Since Magic Cake batter isn't as thick as most and bakes at a lower temperature, the bottom layer becomes fudge.


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The middle is custard.


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And the top? Delicious sponge cake.


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Enough of the food porn, here's a video on how to actually make this beautiful, tri-layer, single pan, delight.

RIP waistline.