It's the most wonderful time of the year; we can expect snow, presents, family time, and lots of drinks next to a warm fire. However, you may have to tone down the Christmas cheer and sub out the eggnog and wine for something non-alcoholic. 

As if 2016 hasn't brought us enough tragic news, we have some information that may ruin happy hour. 

Experts have recently discovered a link between alcohol and skin cancer.

A new study, published in an American Association for Cancer Research journal, found people who consume alcohol daily have a 14 percent greater risk of melanoma than non-drinkers. Daily drinkers who consume 20 or more grams of alcohol per day (about a drink and a half) also face a 73 percent greater risk of skin cancers in areas that aren't exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays. 

The findings get even more tragic. 

Chardonnay lovers, you may need to sit down for this one. White wine drinkers in the study had a 13 percent greater risk of developing melanoma (compared to red wine, beer, or liquor drinkers).

Don't panic just yet. There is still research to be done on the subject.

Researchers still don't know why, exactly, alcohol is linked to greater risk of skin cancer in areas that aren't typically exposed to the sun. They also can't apply the findings to non-white ethnic groups, as the sample size of the study did not contain enough people of color to draw conclusions... So perhaps we shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet? 

...Okay, maybe you can panic a little. 

Even though we don't have all the answers yet, the American Cancer Society has already issued recommendations to limit alcohol consumption, and the study's authors advised people at high risk for melanoma to re-think their daily drinking habits. 

Ultimately, you may want to re-think white wine night. 

Time to start the grieving process. The first stage is denial. 

We can't cope with this kind of tragedy without a good bottle of wine. (h/t cosmopolitan)