Scientists just put a major damper on our holiday plans by informing us of a devastatingly convincing link between alcohol and skin cancer — and, even worse, a stronger correlation between daily white wine consumption and developing melanoma. So, what are we to drink by the fire this holiday season? How can we find that holiday magic without help from our favorite beverages? 

One hot chocolate visionary has the answer. 

Say hello to unicorn hot chocolate, the colorful beverage of your dreams. 


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This heavenly creation is brought to us by Joanna Czikalla, owner of coffee and dessert parlor Crème and Sugar in Anaheim, California.

The key to making your beverage unicorn-esque? Pink hot chocolate. Czikalla makes white hot chocolate, dyes it pink, and adorns it with multicolored marshmallows and sprinkles. 

However, these are no ordinary sprinkles and toppings. Czikalla told Cosmopolitan that she purchases edible pearls and edible glitter in bulk, and then turns it into a "Unicorn Mix." 

...Because unicorns would never drink hot chocolate without edible glitter. Obviously. 

Unicorn hot chocolate turns out to be one of many unicorn-themed treats off of Crème and Sugar's secret menu.

Patrons can grab a slice of unicorn cake...


Come grab a slice of unicorn cake!??? #cake #unicorncake #unicorn #epicfood #foodporn #rainbow #ocfoodies

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Or a bag of unicorn bark...


Unicorn Bark Magically delicious!?? #unicorn #epicfood #foodporn #chocolate #chocoholics #rainbow #magical

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They even have unicorn shakes, if you're looking for a colder treat. 


Unicorn Shakes!?? off our secret menu! #milkshake #epicfood #foodporn #unicorn #ocfoodies

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And, if you're lucky and visit on the right day, you might score some unicorn drops.

Just don't overdo it on the unicorn treats, or you'll be vomiting glitter and rainbows — like the Snapchat filter IRL. 

For those of us who can't make the pilgrimage to Anaheim, we'll have to settle for making our own unicorn hot chocolate at home. 

We'll just have to channel our inner unicorns and buy up all the rainbow marshmallows in town.