For every mind-numbingly cheerful “morning person” who pollutes the face of the Earth, there’s a grumpy coffee addict needing another gallon of the beloved beverage before they can even consider functioning for the day. 

This holiday season, it’s time to show the caffeine hounds in your life that you care — with a coffee-themed gift. 

  1. A DIY cold brew kit.


    As all picky coffee drinkers know, if you want something done right, do it yourself. 

  2. A coffee mug that says what you're really thinking.

    etsy: DaLilliDesgins

    Since you don’t enough energy to give anyone the finger until you’ve downed the whole cup, anyway. 

  3. A comprehensive coffee chart.

    etsy: PopChartLab

    For the loved one who is talking about coffee whenever they’re not actually drinking it. 

  4. A nightshirt with words of wisdom.


    It’s about time someone tried to make our favorite things, sloths and coffee, rhyme. 

  5. Coffee butter body scrub, so you can smell like lattes all day.

    etsy: SweetSallysSoaps

    You’ll be irresistible. 

  6. An enamel pin that expresses your mood when there's a long line at Starbucks

    etsy: stacymichaelson

    …Or when the barista butchers your name. 

  7. A 3D iPhone case that's as cold as your soul.


    Ice cold. 

  8. A Kurig K-cup organizer.

    etsy: BlackDogDesignCo

    So you can show off all your flavors.

  9. A brutally honest mug.

    etsy: SugarLuxeShop

    Black, iced, and extremely caffeinated. 

  10. A shirt that does the talking for you.

    etsy: Twelve20Designs

    In the immortal words of Lorelai Gilmore: “I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting into sentence doing.”

  11. A french press candle.

    etsy: North29CandleCo

    Since you want your room smelling like only the classiest of caffeinated beverages. 

  12. A thermos that knows your innermost thoughts.

    etsy: OneCraftyMisfit

    If only it could replenish the coffee for you too. 

  13. A mug that wakes up with you.


    It changes color and opens its eyes as it heats up! Magic!

  14. Java lip balm.

    etsy: BluePoppyBath

    For the coffee lovers who want the aftertaste to last forever. 

  15. Coffee lollipops.

    etsy: cpsweets

    Coffee for dessert. How better to celebrate the holidays?

  16. Cappucinno bath bombs.

    etsy: NaturalityOnline

    Is there any better way to end a stressful day than by soaking in a vat of coffee?

  17. A coffee coloring book.

    etsy: DoodlesOfTheNorth

    For those rare moments when you don’t have a coffee cup in your hand.