We've all been there. It's late. You're in a comfortable cocoon of sweatpants. But suddenly, the crving strikes; you need chicken mcnuggets and fries, stat. But what are you to do? You simply cannot leave the couch, and you might be a little drunk. The McDonald's drive-thru is not an option. 

...We'll tell you what you do. You order McDonald's FOR DELIVERY. Yes, this is real life. 2016 threw some nasty curveballs our way, so we deserved some happy news. 

2017 is going to be a good year because McDonald's announced that the chain will be testing a delivery service in select cities, beginning in January. 

Don't get too excited just yet. Chances are, you may not get to get Big Macs sent to your door right away — it may take some time before delivery service hits your city. 

To no one's surprise, Florida is the first lucky state that will benefit from this miracle. 

McDonald's To Invest $3 Billion In Renovations, 1500 New Restaurants
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Attention, residents of Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. 200 restaurants are partnering with UberEats to bring you those glorious golden-brown fries, hangover Egg McMuffins, 

As with other partnering restaurants, customers can track orders and delivery time through the app. 

If the service is successful in Florida, McDonald's will expand delivery to other cities. 

Okay, Florida, DO NOT MESS THIS UP FOR US. Our late night McFlurry binges depend on it.