When it comes to wine paraphernalia, we've seen a lot of innovation in recent years. There's the Guzzle Buddy (the glass that attaches directly to the bottle), wine ice cream, and even a wine theme park. One particularly clever woman even engineered her refrigerator to dispense wine instead of water (a modern day Jesus, perhaps). 

But there's always more room for further innovation. 

Now we've taken wine-loving to the next level — with Wine Condoms

These rubber life savers look remarkably like real condoms, so make sure to store them in a separate location. If you were offered a decent sex ed class in high school, you already know how to use them. Stretch the wine condom over the stem and roll it down (and you should probably make sure it's not inside out... That probably matters in the world of Wine Condoms, too). 

TBH, this is the invention we've been needing. Now, those last few sips of wine will no longer go to waste.  


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The Wine Condom is the brilliant invention of Mitchell Strahan, who was inspired to create a wine-saving item when his mom brought home a nearly-empty bottle of wine with Saran wrap covering the stem (in an attempt to preserve the last few priceless drops). 

So, it's time to make someone's holiday season a little cheerier.

Wine Condoms are available on Amazon — and you'll get a box of six for just $14. The best news? Wine Condoms can actually be used twice (NOT like regular condoms, amateurs). 

Drink safely! No disastrous spillage, please.