Despite all well-intentioned New Year's resolutions, there will be plenty of occasions when we drink alone in 2017. It happens. Sometimes, however, this happens out of necessity. 

Frankly, it's more convenient to drink alone. Yes, it's preferable to gather friends and loved ones to get drunk before you enter into some less-than-desirable social situation, but that requires time and planning and who has time to plan anything?

Let's be honest; those of us who are bad at time management usually end up drinking in the shower. 

You're late for the "official pregame," you haven't shaved your legs in a few weeks (months?), and there's no point in letting your perfectly good beer go to waste. Why not multitask a little?

Thanks to the Swedish brewery Pang Pang and Snask, a creative agency, you can finally have a drink that is designed specifically for shower consumption. 

This pregaming necessity is a "sweet but strong pale ale" that can be downed in a convenient three gulps in between rinsing and repeating. 

But don't worry, you'll get a kick from the six-ounce bottle — each shower beer has a 10 percent alcohol content (more than the average beer).

So far, these new shower accessories are in high demand. 

According to the brewery, the first batch sold out instantly at the release party. But never fear, they're working on a second batch, so you'll be shower pregaming in no time. 

This year truly is off to a good start. (h/t tastingtable)