With weed becoming increasingly acceptable in society at large, it's no surprise that people of all demographics are opening up about pot's effect on their personal lives. In fact, a recent study from HelloMD detailed the lifestyle habits of over 1,400 cannabis constituents, resulting in some pretty compelling data.

Since people have such strong opinions on the substance, it makes sense that the effects of weed on romantic relationships is especially intriguing. How is pot beneficial in making a relationship work? Is it perhaps detrimental in any way? 

People took to Whisper and revealed what's it's actually like to be part of a "stoner couple." Some found that the sex was improved, others felt they argued less, some became annoyed with their partners. They seemed to all agree on one point, though: positive or negative, smoking weed with your partner definitely has an effect on your relationship. 

1. Some say smoking pot together can really bring you closer to one another. 

My boyfriend and I smoke together on the daily. Our relationship is as
solid as a rock and I

2. However, stoner couples may not be the most "high-functioning" pairs. 

Me and my boyfriend are a stoner couple. He got upset when he got high
without me, because he was too high to text me.

3. But they can also be unendingly positive. 

My boyfriend and I are stoners and we

4. But if your S.O. gets super annoying when they're high? Might be time to put the pipe away. 

Me and my girlfriend are now a stoner couple. The problem is I hate who she
is when she

5. Not everyone wears the badge of "stoner couple" with pride. 

My boyfriend and I have turned into the "stoner couple". A year and a half
ago I swore to never do drugs.

6. Sometimes pot can cause some communication snafus. 

I think my boyfriend and I smoke too much weed to have a normal

7. Some people worry that smoking is all they have in common with their S.O. 

My boyfriend and I smoke pot everyday and I

8. Weed's positive effects on sexy-time are not to be underestimated. 

Whenever I make weed cookies, my boyfriend feeds them to me because he says
that when I

9. Like, seriously. It can be life-changing. 

The only reason I smoke weed is so I can have high sex with my boyfriend.
It blows my mind.

10. Sometimes weed just helps you to relax around one another and live in the moment. 

My boyfriend and I always take breaks between sex to smoke weed and talk
about trains. I love our relationship

11. It's sort of a bonding experience, if you will. 

I think my boyfriend and I get along so well is because we smoke weed

12. When you're high, sometimes you're less likely to sweat the small stuff. 

Me and my girlfriend never had a serious argument. I think it is because we
smoke weed together and always have fun.

13. Sharing is caring when it comes to a couple's weed supply!

A stoner couple is the perfect couple. "My weed is your weed babe" awhh, so

14. Some people prefer subtlety in their stoner relationships. 

My boyfriend and I are closet stoners, but we like it that way. James Bong

15. One thing's for sure: when you're high, no conversation is ever ho-hum. 

I love that me and my boyfriend are a stoner couple. It makes for
interesting conversations and good laughs.

16. Bottom line: if you're both into it, you can really make pot work for your relationship.